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Dan finally gets married at 39!

After several months of planning, procrastinating, ordering, and gathering, and after a couple of weeks of wondering, "Where the hell are the rings I ordered two months ago?", the actual wedding went very smoothly yesterday.

It was an outdoor wedding at her folks house in the country.  It was cloudy, a little windy, and cool, but not too bad.  A member of the family performed the ceremony, one we had pieced together from bits we found on the internet.  We had the family gather around us, rather than having them sit in chairs or benches.  We played one of "our" songs as we walked up the grass:  Thirteen by Big Star.  Asia and I looked into each others eyes while we said our vows, and it was very beautiful.

The light was just about perfect for pictures, which were taken by Asia's professional photographer father.  We'll have some posted as soon as we get our hands on them.

The reception went well also.  We had sandwich fixings, chicken strips, and BBQ meatballs.  And sodas and beer.  And two beautiful wedding cakes.  But we will be eating sandwiches and cake this whole next week.

And everyone was so nice to help out where they could.  Asia's cousin performed the ceremony, and they also went to pick up all the food for the reception.  A very nice lady who we casually know made us 2 beautiful wedding cakes, brought centerpieces and candles for each of the tables, and then wouldn't accept any money from us.  My mom helped us decorate the hall the day before, and Asia's mom helped us clean up the day after.

The only downer was it seemed that everyone left early.  But then we had a second wave of people, a small group of 5-6 of us just sitting and talking and having some beer.  It was nice.

Overall it was a wonderful day.  Now I'm looking forward to many more wonderful years with my love.

Almost Perfect...

Last Wednesday during my bowling league, I managed to get a 299 on my last game.

<MaxwellSmart>Missed it by that much...</MaxwellSmart> 

Well, I'm not diabetic...

My A1C test came back at 5.3%; perfect if not a little low. So it's not diabetes.

The doc told me to eat breakfasts, be sure to mix carbs with proteins, and maybe have some snacks during the day. And just keep an eye on the levels.

She also ordered a battery of blood tests, just to see if anything else is wrong. Liver, kidney, white count, red count, cholesterol, thyroid, that kind of stuff. I get to do that tomorrow.

Blood Sugar Issues...

Friday night, after playing with the band at our home tavern, I was sitting at a friend's house having a beer and winding down from the show.  I had drank only 3 beers at the bar in the space of 4 hours, and had just started on my fourth, when I started feeling nauseous, lightheaded, and a little dizzy.  I pretty much blacked out and slumped over in my chair, although I was trembling a bit.  I was partially conscious and semi-aware of what was going on around me as my friend got me to my feet and up the basement stairs to the ground floor.  Once there, I laid down on the floor and my head started to clear.  He fed me a pear and then some pasta, and I started feeling normal again.

My non-doctor friend's diagnosis was low blood sugar.  He'd seen the same thing happen before in others he knows.  I certainly didn't discount it, but I've never had problems before.  And I've actually been eating healthier in the past year than I have for most of my life.  In fact, in the past week or two I've been drinking more water than soda.  Anyone who knows me well knows that's quite a change for me.

We have a glucometer here, since Asia had some diabetes problems during her pregnancy.  I checked my blood once on Saturday, and it came up 115, nice and normal.  I didn't have any problems that day.

Today, however, I decided to test again because I felt "weird".  My head felt a little hot, and I really didn't have much energy.  The meter came up 52, quite low.  I ate a couple pieces of pizza, and checked again:

6:00 pm:  52
6:30 pm:  Finished eating the pizza
7:00 pm:  143
7:50 pm:  162
8:30 pm:  161

So far, it seems to have stablized at around 160.  Some schools of thought say that 2 hours after eating, 160s is high.  Others say it's okay.  I don't really have a baseline to compare to, but having it stable is encouraging.  I figure on testing again at 10:30 just to see how it's going.

At any rate, first thing tomorrow I'm making an appointment to see a doctor.

In hindsight, this may have been a slight problem for a while now.  The last few months I get tired easily, and at strange parts of the day.  But I'm always sipping on a soda, and maybe that's kept my levels at a reasonable level.  The last week or so I've cut out a lot of soda, and have been drinking more water instead.  Maybe that change had an impact.

Or maybe I'm just overanalyzing things, and I should just relax until I talk to a doctor.

Where to begin?

Ok, here's where I'm at in a nutshell:
  • David gets smarter every day.  It's amazing how fast he learns stuff.  At this point, he knows colors, letters, and numbers. (meaning he can point to them if we ask him to find, say, an M, a 3, or something green)  He can't say them yet, but he knows what they are.  And it seems like he's able to say one or two new words a week.  His blog (which needs to be more up to date) is at david-adair.net
  • Money's tight-ish, but we're getting by.  I'm paying down my debts slowly, which will help in the long run.
  • Dad's health is not all that good.  But he'd do better if he just took care of himself.
  • akela9 and I are planning to get married in October.  She's also been working on losing some weight.  She's already lost 20 pounds!  She's documenting her experiences on her journal.
  • Still working at the same job.  We're getting ready to buy a new Electronic Medical Record system.  It'll be a lot of work, but I'm looking forward to it.  We're also gonna be able to get T-1 circuits to all the outlying offices instead of relying on VPN over the Internet.  I'm REALLY looking forward to getting that in place.
  • I've started a couple other blogs.  Norby's Tech Tips, where I've been jotting down things that I've figured out to make my life easier at work, and A Smoker's Blog, where I'll have thoughts and issues regarding smoking. (Eventually)  I also want to keep this blog more up to date with just personal stuff.
  • I recently bowled an 804 series!  That was cool.  Got a neat ring for it, too.
  • I'm on Facebook.
  • After looking around for a Jabber / XMPP IM client for use at work, and not finding one I particularly like, I've decided to write my own.  I'm just getting started, but I'll be posting it somewhere soon.  The one we currently use is written in Java, and just seems to take up too much memory.
  • I've been playing in a band for the past couple of years.  Lately, we've been playing quite a bit, mostly at our home bar.  I play percussion. (Congas, Bongos, Tambourine, backup vocals)
Did I forget something?  Probably.  But I can write more later.



I finally got caught up on David's photo gallery. Click on the photo below to check it out.


Romney - the King of Empty Rhetoric

A couple of weeks ago, I said my first impression of Mitt Romney was slick and polished. And I didn't like how he seemed to never give a straight answer to a question in the YouTube debate.

Well, it sounds like Mitt is on a mission to simply tell voters what they want to hear to get elected.

Mitt Romney doesn't stand for anything except Mitt Romney.



The organization I work for, The Mental Health Center of East Central Kansas, is a non-profit organization. We've recently registered with GoodSearch, a search engine that donates roughly half of it's advertising revenue to charities, schools, and other non-profit organizations that have registered with them. It's estimated that each non-profit gets $.01 per search or more.

It's powered by Yahoo!, so you're not really dealing with a bare-bones, no-name search engine.

So if you have a favorite charity or school you'd like to support, go to www.goodsearch.com and see if it's covered. If not, get your school or charity to register with GoodSearch.

If you'd like to help out our community mental health center, go to http://www.goodsearch.com/?charityid=865135

Candidate Match Game

I found this interesting.

Candidate Match Game

According to this little quiz, the three candidates that agree with me the most on the issues covered are Paul, McCain, and Thompson. Go figure. :)